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3 Smart Home Devices You Didn’t Know You Needed

3 Smart Home Devices You Didn’t Know You Needed

Love the latest gadgets?

Here are some of the hottest home-tech devices revealed at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES):

 Dandy Lawn Care Robot – Dandy roams your lawn to find weeds, then zaps them with a targeted herbicide. Because it sprays 90% less than traditional methods, it’s better for the planet, too.

 Kohler’s Sprig Shower Infusion System – Attach Sprig to your showerhead to deliver an aromatherapy experience via customized pods. Each one contains natural botanicals and skin-enhancing ingredients, like hyaluronic acid.

 Samsung’s Bespoke AI Wall Oven – Internal cameras help it identify what you’re cooking to optimize conditions. You can also peek inside via your smartphone or record a video to stream online. Cooking methods include air sous vide, air frying, and steam cooking.

Contemplating a smart home upgrade? Find out how it could impact the value of your home before you invest. Contact us for a free assessment!

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