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18 September 13 04:57 PM | Deedar Ghatehorde | 5 Comments   
TORONTO CONDO MARKET!!!! DOING VERY WELL. Toronto area real estate board reported an increase in sales in the first 14 days of September 2013. The results show an increase in the home sales by 29% over the same period for first 14 days of September, 2012. Read More...
Real Estate and Entrepreneurship/ Business Growth.
06 September 13 03:10 PM | Deedar Ghatehorde | 0 Comments   
Real Estate and Entrepreneurship/ Business Growth . Commercial real estate is a good indication of the state of business growth and entrepreneurship. Lease transactions completed on a per square foot net basis with pricing disclosed on Toronto MLS for Read More...
2013 REAL ESTATE and Interest Rates
12 February 13 02:21 PM | Deedar Ghatehorde | 3 Comments   
I am a Realtor working with Buyers interested to buy Homes for sale in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto. The question of the future of interest rates always comes up. Interest rates have a major impact on the ability to of the Buyers to buy real estate, Read More...
2013 Toronto Real Estate – Off to a good start
11 February 13 10:38 AM | Deedar Ghatehorde | 2 Comments   
After a 6 month wait, it would appear that the Buyers are coming back having saved some money for down payment. Looking at the chart below it would appear that the freehold homes are going up in price and the sales figures are also very marginally down. Read More...
Buyers and Sellers to Benefit
29 January 13 07:16 PM | Deedar Ghatehorde | 0 Comments   
The Buyers and Sellers will benefit from the decision of Bank of Canada to put rates on Hold. This has a beneficial effect as our Dollar has gone down. This will benefit manufacturing. Mortgage rates are ei ther on Hold or may even go lower. This will Read More...
Toronto Real Estate Market is Rising
28 January 13 11:02 PM | Deedar Ghatehorde | 31 Comments   
Toronto Real Estate Market is Rising At last after six months of slowing sale of Toronto Real Estate market is "cautiously optimistically" picking up a bit of unexpected steam. As Toronto Real Estate Board says "The number of houses that Read More...
Toronto’s PENTHOUSE BARGAINS- Pre-constructed Condominiums
18 January 13 09:20 AM | Deedar Ghatehorde | 38 Comments   
Start your Bargain hunting -- Dream penthouses are available at Toronto’s TOP Pre-constructed Condominiums like 1. THE BOND: 2 Bedrooms PENTHOUSE for Sale. The 40-Storey Condos located at entertainment district in the intersection of Adelaide Street Read More...
Canada - Will the interest rates go up in 2013
16 January 13 09:55 PM | Deedar Ghatehorde | 4 Comments   
Toronto – Jan 16, 2013: Nobody has a crystal ball . There are all sorts of opinions be voiced all around. - Canadian businesses saw less pressure on production capacity in the fourth quarter and were concerned about demand over the next year, according Read More...
Canadian Million Dollar Homes sales still strong
12 January 13 06:14 PM | Deedar Ghatehorde | 0 Comments   
High-end homes slow the trend of slumping real estate… Sales of homes worth more than $1 million in Toronto, ended 2012 with positive year-over-year sales growth. In Calgary alone, sales of luxury mansions were 20 per cent higher in 2012 compared Read More...
Toronto home prices gain 7% in 2012
08 January 13 12:01 PM | Deedar Ghatehorde | 0 Comments   
As per CBC and Toronto real estate Board figure on the MLS show that the Toronto Sales price rose 7% in 2012. A brief summary of the report is quoted below from CBC site: "Toronto home prices continued their steady march higher last year, with the Read More...
2013 – How to stay motivated!! Peak Performance?? Read the success article provided by the best in the industry
03 January 13 04:26 PM | Deedar Ghatehorde | 0 Comments   
– read more …
Toronto real estate Headed High (in the long run) – mega projects being launched
30 December 12 05:42 PM | Deedar Ghatehorde P Eng, MBA, Broker | 0 Comments   
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Two Mega Projects in the making -- A. The Ed Mirvish Theatre owner's, the Mirvish family is launching a huge 3 Building project. Each Building slated to be 85 storey high - These will be the city's Read More...
Why buy real estate - More Billionaires made their Billions in Real estate than any other asset.
29 December 12 01:33 PM | Deedar Ghatehorde P Eng, MBA, Broker | 0 Comments   
There are many exciting things happening in the current real estate market in Toronto and the GTA that has created opportunities for the Buyers during these months in Winter. The number of Buyers are less and this is a time to drive a Good bargain and Read More...
Hey Look!! New Category -- 10 Smartest Cities of North America
21 December 12 10:08 AM | Deedar Ghatehorde P Eng, MBA, Broker | 0 Comments   
Vacouver, Toronto and Montreal are the Canadian cities which make the cut at positions 4,7 and 10 respectively -- see full report - Read More...
BOLD Prediction for 2013 -- Home Prices will rise 5 -7% in 2013 from 2012
18 December 12 10:59 AM | Deedar Ghatehorde P Eng, MBA, Broker | 25 Comments   
These are the thoughts from a reported from CNBC. Her last years predictions were pretty close. Home prices will continue to rise, anywhere from 5 to 7 percent in 2013 from 2012. These prices will be driven by continued competition among investors in Read More...
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